Hear what people are saying

"My son has loved Music Together® since we began classes when he was 15 months old.  A few semesters later at 2 years old, my son is singing songs and more interested in music than he has ever been.  Teacher Stephanie fosters a fun and positive, age-appropriate learning environment.  (The younger children are not expected to sit in the circle and participate the entire 45 minutes.) 

The music changes every semester, and while it is child-friendly, it's also palatable to adults.  With the price of class, we receive a music book, two cds, mp3 downloads and access to the songs on the free Music Together App. It's easy to put the music on all of our devices.  

Both my son and I look forward to music class every week.  I highly recommend Cottontail Kids  as both a learning and bonding experience for parent and child." 

-Letnes Family

"We've just begun our third semester in Teacher Stephanie's class, and my son and daughter look forward to the class every week. Without a doubt, Stephanie teaches the best toddler/baby class we've ever attended, and we've gone to quite a few. My preschool-age son sings all the songs, studies his music book, and has shown a real interest in music after attending this class. My infant daughter happily bops along to the beats and smiles throughout the class. We'll go until they kick us out!" 

-Ortiz Family

"My daughter started going to music together with Teacher Stephanie when she was around 3 months old. I truly believe that her time with music together and most importantly with Teacher Stephanie has installed a love for music that will last her a lifetime. Going to music together once a week was a true highlight for me and my now 2 year old."

-Reidy Family

"We love Music Together and especially teacher Stephanie! My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and I have been attending Music Together classes with Stephanie for nearly two years. We sing and dance and have so much fun, we look forward to it every week! Stephanie is a talented musician and teacher and she creates a fun and encouraging place for my granddaughter to express herself with music. Music Together and Stephanie have given my granddaughter an amazing start to a musical life and all the joy that that brings!" 

-Vericker Family

"Stephanie is an amazing Music Together teacher. She brings the perfect balance of energy, engagement, education and fun. My daughter loved her and felt very comfortable with her."

-Castillo Family